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Sunday, 22 December 2019

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What is Blogging?

What is Blogging?

Blogging might be a familiar term but some people hear it for the first time every single day and have no idea what it is. So let’s start from the very beginning and answer the basic question: What is Blogging?

There are hundreds of definitions for the term “What is Blogging” and I don’t want to confuse you with any technical term to explain you blogging. In simple words: blogging is nothing but creating a website where you share your knowledge, experience, thoughts, and opinions on a topic. One shall choose a niche based on what one is passionate about. In this niche, one will already be knowing about it and as it is said “Sharing is Caring” they can share it with others. There are many ways to share knowledge - one can write about it, share their views on it, provide solutions to queries in the relation of the same and much more. 

Hence Blogging is not just an act of writing. It is a combination of various activities required to run a blog. These activities include writing the content and publishing it, linking it to related sources and sharing the content to various platforms. To get to know more about how blogging is defined you can check the Wikipedia article.

Blogging as derived from the word “we log” was started as a personal diary and with enhancements, over time it has now become a tool to share knowledge & earn money online and also a marketing tool for businesses. 

what is blogging?

Thinking how sharing knowledge can help earn money through? Let’s consider an example, suppose you have a lot of knowledge in Robotics so you can make a blog on it and share your knowledge about it. Another example is this blog “Bloggingmantras” where I am teaching you about blogging. Now for earning money with it, you can use ad networks such as Adsense and affiliates related to the niche. Also, one can build up a course in a specific niche and earn by selling it.

what is blogging- marketing

Blogging has also been very helpful in the marketing of products such as books, software, gadgets etc. They can also promote their services such as web developments, SEO, SMM, Cleaning services, painting and much more and even promote local business. One can also go into affiliate marketing in case they don’t have any product of their own, by marketing for big companies like Amazon. Nowadays Business owners use it as an inbound marketing strategy and have achieved growth in their sales /leads by the same. Along with that they have been able to build direct relationships with customers/clients which also is beneficial for customers. This helps the brand get exposure and visibility which further increases brand awareness thus increasing its authority on the web. 

So what you are waiting for? Choose a niche, check the steps to make a website and start blogging. Also, monetize your blog with ads networks such as Adsense and affiliate networks that are related to your chosen niche and start making money with blogging.

Saturday, 7 March 2015

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[ UPDATED ] {SECRET REVEALED } Here's a list of sites from where you can earn doing simple tasks

earn money online

Here I have made a list of few money making websites . You can join these and earn money online . 

I will be updating it regularly with more websites or any further important notice about any of these so bookmark this page and keep Visiting regularly .

1. Refer & Earn - You can refer your friends to sites / apps and get paid buy doing so . Visit here to earn . CLICK HERE TO VISIT 

2. Earn real money by playing games . I have written a post on how you can earn real money by just playing few simple games online . You can read the post here .

3. Third I have few website where you can earn money just by viewing few website .
(a) The first one is Paidvertz , here you can either advertise your website or get paid for viewing websites of other people . An advantage on this site is that you can invest in it and get 150% in return and along with that you can get free ad credits . Click on this link to  join -  Get paid for viewing ads .
(b) Easyhits4u - this is another website where you can earn by viewing website . You can even exchange traffic and send traffic to your website or refer inks to earn more .

(c) Play2earn - Here you just need to make teams and join leagues and you can earn unlimited income online . You will also get RS250 on joining and rs150 on reffering + unlimited earning on playing . CLICK HERE TO JOIN 

(d) Dream11 - It is another site same as Play2earn . You can easily earn a lot from this site . Unlike play2earn , dream11 has 3 games while play2earn has 1 game so you can earn playing 3 different games and earn 3 times from this site . CLICK HERE TO JOIN AND START PLAYING & EARNING 

4. Social networking sites which pays to post pictures , comment , do anything and you will get paid .

Now a days everyone is on social networking sites like Facebook , twitter etc and spend a lot of time posting pictures , commenting , chatting . What if you get paid for doing all these things . Here are few social media websites that share their revenue with their members .  Join here -

(1).First one is Bitlanders . This is a social networking website that pays bitcoins to their  members for posting , liking and doing similar things. 1 Bitcoin = $200 so getting Bitcoins for free will be a great thing , I have also mentioned about a site that pays free bitcoins every hour see 7th point .  You can join Bitlanders  here . You can even login using your Gmail or Facebook id.

(2). Second is TSU , you may have heard about it. It is another social networking website where you can earn for free .You can also refer others to join from your link and get      paid for it . Join it here .

(3). Igrownet - This is another new social networking site that shares its revenue with its   members . Click here to join it .

5.EXPIRED Earn by organizing giveaways . register on this site , submit your blog and get giveaways to be organized on your blog for free. This will help you get free giveaways and also get good traffic by having giveaways on your blog . If you are advertiser you can also have a giveaway on other's website and get good exposure . Visit this link to join .

6. Get $300 Per Day In Automatic Cash Payments - Another website from where you can earn automatic cash . Visit here for details .

7. Get free bitcoins every hour. This website gives free bitcoins every hour . You need to enter a text or numbers and press enter . You can also multiply your bitcoins by playing easy games . Join it here

8. Get paid for playing quiz - EXPIRED

    I have a site where you can earn money by playing quiz for free , you don't even need to register for playing quiz . You can redeem it through recharge . Click here to start earning .

9. Get paid to read email . I came across this website few days ago , it pays good on reading emails . give it a try . Join it here .

10. Another site for earning money where you can earn by Daily Login , Referral , Rewards  , and use the money for shopping etc  Join Here

Friday, 25 July 2014

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Earn real money by playing games

Everyone Now-a-days are finding ways to earn money online and many people like to play games so I have a way by which you can earn by playing games . I have found a sites at where you can play online games , enjoy and earn . One of these which I trust is Dungeons & Treasures .

It is an online gaming site in which you play and find gold which is converted to DT$ and  1DT$ = £0.70 .

Now I will tell you about the game in detail . There are tavern in the game where you find dungeons in which you search for treasure such as gold , shield , spells , armor , gold is used to make money and powers are used to fight with enemies . On beating enemies we gain XP which helps us to increase our level . more you level up , more you get PP which increasing our attacking and defensing power.

There are many other ways to earn gold like contest , bonuses and other games .

1. Golden balls - In this contest you have to collect three different types of ball that is wooden ball, bronze ball or silver balls on the game page  . here is an example of wooden ball ( see image below ) Click on these balls to collect them.


The wooden balls are used to make bronze ball . These bronze balls are used to make silver ball and silver balls are used to make golden ball which are of different weights .Depending on the weight of golden ball you get, you are ranked in the contest and accordingly you win prizes at the end of contest. You can see screenshots below .

2. Bow&balloons
In this contest you have to destroy balloons using arrow and score points . According to these points you are ranked and win prices.         
Similar to it is another contest named Bow & castles.

3. Contest Clicks

You will see soldier icons on home page , clicking on these you will get tickets . You can use these ticked and earn points according to which you will be ranked. The good rank you get the more better you win .

Also visit temple in the game , pray there and you may find gold.

How to Start -

1. Register on the site. To register visit here and fill the details required. 

2. After registering , Login on the site .
3. Read first step carefully which is in the left sidebar .
4. Follow steps and start playing.
5. Play and Earn..Good luck..Enjoy.

If you have any query comment below and also comment if you liked this post and tried the game.

Monday, 2 June 2014


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Monday, 3 March 2014


Installing plugins in WordPress website

In this post i will tell you how to add widgets to your blog. first of all I would like to tell what a widget is.
A widget a software which works using some java script and helps to add features to your website . it is also termed as plugin . These are sometimes used to add forms on your website, or to add special effects to a website , or add different designs to your website. these are also used to add & design tabs of the blog or website. You can add widgets anywhere on the website that is either on the sides or header or footer or special effects on whole website like snowfall effect or lighting or any other .
Adding widget is not a difficult task it is very simple method but the main thing is to decide which widget you need to add on your website or blog. there are many free and many premium widgets available on WordPress.
Some of the popular and best WordPress widgets are -
contact form , WordPress SEO , all in one Seo pack ,Duplicate content , post type order , Share this , goggle publisher plugin , Facebook , gallery and many more.i will like to tell about some here . If you know any widget which is missing in these you can comment that and i will add it in the list .
1) Contact form - This is the main and most useful and needed widget for your website or blog. This is the widget that you will put on your contact page and which will help your visitors to easily contact you as i mentioned in my previous post .
2) Yoast SEO- This is the SEO widget that helps you to easily optimize your website content , and many other seo related optimization.
3)All in one SEO pack - This is very useful WordPress widget which is most useful for the beginners as it automatically adds meta tags and customizes your website according to seo .
4) Duplicate content widget - This widget checks for any duplicate content on your website .
5) Post type order - This helps you to order your posts according to there type or in the way you want .
6) Facebook - As you all know that Facebook is the biggest social network which can help to get a large traffic on your website or blog . this widget helps you to easily share your posts on Facebook .
7) Gallery - If your website is pictures based than this is a helpful widget for you . it helps you to customize your pictures website in a form of gallery .

So as you have got to know about different widgets . Now I will tell how to download  widgets to your website.

1) Now login to your WordPress dashboard or the admin panel .
2) Select the plugin tab on the right side bar and click on add new  tab in it . You may see widget tab so you can click on it.
3) There will be option for searching plugin .Search the widgets you want as mentioned above and download them. You can also upload widgets if you have any as shown below .

Installing Plugins

Now I will how how can you add these widgets to your website . Here I will tell how to add Contact form widget to your contact page as i mentioned in my earlier post . Using same method you can add the widgets anywhere you want .

First activate the comment form widget and copy the code of that widget . Go to the contact form or any other page where you want to add widget and paste  that widget code to the HTML part of that post or page .
To simple activate the seo widget or any other widget , download that widget and click on activate button .
Learn how to make a website step by step here 
If you have any query you can comment below or contact me .
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Adding new posts to your website

Post are the content of your website without it your website is nothing . these include theText , pictures , videos and other content that you want to put on your website. you can add as much posts you want on your website . Here I will tell you how can add posts to your website and what all content can be added in a post or as a post .
   It is a mixture of paragraphs or it can be an article that give information on particular topic . Articles can attract your visitors and if you are a good writer you can show your skills . An article can be small or big but i would prefer you to write 200-300 words article minimum. further you can also show your content in points or in paragraphs .
If you are a writer you can just simple write your stories , poems , riddles , jokes or anything and show your skills to the world .
2. Pictures
 You can also add pictures to your content to make it more attractive , also pictures help to easily explain things to others. If you are a photographer or you like taking photographs you can upload your pics to your website either in a gallery form or in any other way you want .
3. Videos
You can also add videos to your blog. You can either upload a tutorial or any funny or knowledge giving video or even embed videos from Youtube or any other website on the topic relating to your website .
4. Music
You can also add songs or audio messages or even your speech in your posts.
For adding new posts to your website , login to your wordpress admin panel or i can say your wordpress dashboard . Then click on the posts tab and select new posts from it .
Adding new post in wordpress

Now a page will open here you can give a tittle to your post and add any content to it just by simply typing . you dont need to know or use any codes or tags for it , Wordpress will automatically make tags and other coding for it which you can see by clicking on HTML tab . Type your article , story , poems , jokes or any other text related to your website.

You can also upload pictures to your post. for doing so click on upload picture and select the picture you want to upload or you can even use the url of the picture if it is online. You can also edit the pic , add description or alternate text and even align and resize  the pic using this wordpress feature.

Adding Images in posts

Next i will tell how you can add video to your posts  Go  to the video that you want to add , copy its embed code . Now come to your posts , select the html tab of your post and paste that code  .
you can upload music in the same way as you uploaded images . just click on mp3 button and select song and upload.
Now click on publish button to publish post. You can even keep it in draft by clicking on save as draft button , if you want to upload it later .
Learn how to make a website step by step here 
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If you have any query you can comment below
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Making new pages using wordpress

After installing theme on your site , now you need to add pages to your website or blog. You can add pages according to your niche . Firstly i would like to tell you about some main pages that your website must have . These include about website/blog page , about the author page , contact us , site map and privacy policy page. You can have an about us page instead of about site and about author , its all your choice .
Before telling the steps for making new pages for your site i would like to throw some light upon what these pages are.
1) About Us  - This is the main page of a site which tell what the site is about. What all information you can get from that website or the blog . It includes the description of the website or the blog. it also includes details about the author , about the one who is behind that particular website or blog and is working on it making posts and all. you can see my about the blog and about the author pages .
2) Contact us - The second page which is a contact page for your visitors . It is important as it will help your visitors to cantact you whenever they wanted. it can be used when they needed some help or wanted to clear some query about your blog/website or anything related to that . here is my contact page .
3) Privacy policy - You should must have a privacy policy for your blog that confirms that you do not share the visitors detail with any third party and many other things which you can see in my privacy policy page.
You can write your privacy policy page or you can generate a privacy policy using Privacy policy generator . It will help you to get your privacy policy for your website or blog .
4) Site map - It is the map of your site which will include the links of the posts of your site . this will help the visitors to easily search your website . You can make a sitemap after completing your site using many site map generators available  .
You can also add more pages according  to your blog or website . These pages can be shown on website or blog as tabs on which visitors can click them to open those pages .

Now i will tell you how to add pages to your wordpress site .

1) Firstly login to your wordpress admin panel using the link -
2) After opening wordpress dashboard click on pages tab present in the left side bar . You can see default home pages in it .To add new page click on new page tab .
Adding new page in wordpress
Adding New page
 3) Now add the name of the page and that add its description or add some content to it . its as easy as using a MS-word . Just type content. You can change font , make it bold ,align it and do many other things.
4) Now click on publish button  ( which is on the upper right part ) to publish that page and make it appear on your website .
5) Now you can visit your website URL and see that page.
6) You can also make a contact us page using this method but don't forget to add the the contact form widget . You can learn adding widgets on my next post.

Learn how to make a website step by step here 

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Installing wordpress

What is wordpress ?

WORDPRESS is a free platform used for customizing website. It is very easy to use and you dont even need to learn html or php language to use it , you can simply type the can make your website look beautiful .

Hostgator helps you to easily install it in c-panel . 

Follow these steps to install wordpress in c-panel -
1. open your  c-panal login page .
2. Login to your c-panel , the login username and password are given in the hosgator email which you got .

3. Now you will reach your control panel .
Hostgator Cpanel
Hostgator Cpanel
4.Click on the fantastico de luxe option .
5. Then click on the wordpress link in the left side menu .
Installing wordpress
Installing wordpress
6. Fill the required details like your email , your site name  and few description for your site . You should  have a good site name and easy to remember so visiters can easily recall it and visit again and again  . You can have a site on your own name or some other .
Installing wordpress
7. Click on install wordpress.

8. Then you will get a confirmation page .  Click on finish installation button .
Installing Wordpress
Installing Wordpress
9.You will get your wordpress account details . You can either bookmark it or email it to your id .
Installing Wordpress
10. Now you can visit your domain and you can see standard wordpress installed in it .You can also visit . Or you can visit the link givien in the email which will be sent to you after installing wordpress . It will also contain your  username and password . Use it and login to your dashboard . After you login to your worpress dashboard it will look like this - 

Wordpress Dashboard
Wordpress dashboard

you can visit your domain and see a default wordpress default theme installed on it . To install your own kind theme go here - Installing theme using wordpress 

Learn how to make a website step by step here 

You Can also advertise your product or business on our blog - Click here for more details 

Watch video of our blog - visit this page 

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Installing theme using wordpress

After installing wordpress now you need to install a theme for your website or blog. Firstly I will let you know what is theme ? . It is one of  the main things .It is the thing which gives a look to your site , in other words it is the design of your site . A theme contains a number of templates . You must have an attracting theme which can easily attract your visitor and it should also be related to the content you are going to put on your site .
So now I will tell you how to install theme using wordpress.
Firstly open your wordpress dashboard buy logging to your site's wordpress admin panel . For this you can go to the link given in the email which was sent to you after wordpress installation on your site . Enter your login username and password ( these would be there in the email sent to you ) . You can also go to  to login to your wordpress dashboard .
Your dashboard will look like this  -
Wordpress Dashboard
Wordpress Dashboard

When you visit your site URL you will see a default them installed on it. you can keep that them but i would prefer you to install some other theme . for installing theme using wordpress you will need to follow the following steps -
1) First go to appearance and then select theme and manage them page will open up , here you can manage your them which you have installed on your site. On the up you will see install theme tab , click on it to open it .
Installing theme

Installing Theme
2) Now click on search button . Here you can search a theme of your kind. You can select any colour , how mane columns do you want , width and many other features . You can even search any popular theme by its name for example responsive , suffusion, custom community ,vfex, appliance , sensitive  and many more .
 3) Select the theme you cant then click on that theme to download it.

4) You can also upload a theme if you already have one . Just click on install the button , select that file and click on install button .
5) After that now click on activate option to activate  that theme . You can download many themes either free or premium and try them on your site and keep the one which you like the most.

Precaution - You must theme which is easy to open in any devise that is mobile phones , ipads/tablets and computer or laptop . if it is not good looking in any one of this it can have a bad effect on your visitors

Learn how to make a website step by step here 

You Can also advertise your product or business on our blog - Click here for more details 

Watch video of our blog - visit this page 



Customizing website using wordpress

For customising website using wordpress we need to follow following steps :-

1. Installing wordpress

Now the first thing after opening the wordpress dashboard is to change the password so its easy for you to remember it as the password given to you is a very difficult one to remember . So  to change the password go to Users  tab . click on Admin , go to the button , there will be option for getting a new password . Type the password you want and click on save button. 

The next thing you can do is change your site tittle , subtitle , URL and many other. Wordpress has default site subtitle and URL . You can make these changes by going to settings tab . Select the site title and change it accordingly . you can do same for your site URL and sub title and rest .now the next step is - 

2. Installing theme 
  Theme is your website design so open the link and follow the steps to install a them on your site . You can either select from those available or you can upload if you have any . Select a good looking and easy to use theme for your website.

3. Making new pages using WordPress
 The next thing you need to do after uploading theme for your website is to add pages to your website/blog . you must add some specific pages which need to be there in every website or blog which include about us pages , contact page , privacy policy and sitemap. You can also add other pages according to your website .

4. Adding posts to your website
 Posts are made by adding content in them which can include text, images , articles, videos etc. Here is some detail about posts and how to upload  them to your website using WordPress.

5.Installing plugins in your website
Widgets are software which help to add different features to website . These are very useful for bloggers and site owners . They include some java script or HTML coding which creates special effects or any other useful thing. They must be used by every blogger or website owner .


Learn how to make a website step by step here

You Can also advertise your product or business on our blog - Click here for more details 

Watch video of our blog - visit this page