Monday, 3 March 2014


Customizing website using wordpress

For customising website using wordpress we need to follow following steps :-

1. Installing wordpress

Now the first thing after opening the wordpress dashboard is to change the password so its easy for you to remember it as the password given to you is a very difficult one to remember . So  to change the password go to Users  tab . click on Admin , go to the button , there will be option for getting a new password . Type the password you want and click on save button. 

The next thing you can do is change your site tittle , subtitle , URL and many other. Wordpress has default site subtitle and URL . You can make these changes by going to settings tab . Select the site title and change it accordingly . you can do same for your site URL and sub title and rest .now the next step is - 

2. Installing theme 
  Theme is your website design so open the link and follow the steps to install a them on your site . You can either select from those available or you can upload if you have any . Select a good looking and easy to use theme for your website.

3. Making new pages using WordPress
 The next thing you need to do after uploading theme for your website is to add pages to your website/blog . you must add some specific pages which need to be there in every website or blog which include about us pages , contact page , privacy policy and sitemap. You can also add other pages according to your website .

4. Adding posts to your website
 Posts are made by adding content in them which can include text, images , articles, videos etc. Here is some detail about posts and how to upload  them to your website using WordPress.

5.Installing plugins in your website
Widgets are software which help to add different features to website . These are very useful for bloggers and site owners . They include some java script or HTML coding which creates special effects or any other useful thing. They must be used by every blogger or website owner .


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