Monday, 3 March 2014

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Making new pages using wordpress

After installing theme on your site , now you need to add pages to your website or blog. You can add pages according to your niche . Firstly i would like to tell you about some main pages that your website must have . These include about website/blog page , about the author page , contact us , site map and privacy policy page. You can have an about us page instead of about site and about author , its all your choice .
Before telling the steps for making new pages for your site i would like to throw some light upon what these pages are.
1) About Us  - This is the main page of a site which tell what the site is about. What all information you can get from that website or the blog . It includes the description of the website or the blog. it also includes details about the author , about the one who is behind that particular website or blog and is working on it making posts and all. you can see my about the blog and about the author pages .
2) Contact us - The second page which is a contact page for your visitors . It is important as it will help your visitors to cantact you whenever they wanted. it can be used when they needed some help or wanted to clear some query about your blog/website or anything related to that . here is my contact page .
3) Privacy policy - You should must have a privacy policy for your blog that confirms that you do not share the visitors detail with any third party and many other things which you can see in my privacy policy page.
You can write your privacy policy page or you can generate a privacy policy using Privacy policy generator . It will help you to get your privacy policy for your website or blog .
4) Site map - It is the map of your site which will include the links of the posts of your site . this will help the visitors to easily search your website . You can make a sitemap after completing your site using many site map generators available  .
You can also add more pages according  to your blog or website . These pages can be shown on website or blog as tabs on which visitors can click them to open those pages .

Now i will tell you how to add pages to your wordpress site .

1) Firstly login to your wordpress admin panel using the link -
2) After opening wordpress dashboard click on pages tab present in the left side bar . You can see default home pages in it .To add new page click on new page tab .
Adding new page in wordpress
Adding New page
 3) Now add the name of the page and that add its description or add some content to it . its as easy as using a MS-word . Just type content. You can change font , make it bold ,align it and do many other things.
4) Now click on publish button  ( which is on the upper right part ) to publish that page and make it appear on your website .
5) Now you can visit your website URL and see that page.
6) You can also make a contact us page using this method but don't forget to add the the contact form widget . You can learn adding widgets on my next post.

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