Sunday, 22 December 2019

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What is Blogging?

What is Blogging?

Blogging might be a familiar term but some people hear it for the first time every single day and have no idea what it is. So let’s start from the very beginning and answer the basic question: What is Blogging?

There are hundreds of definitions for the term “What is Blogging” and I don’t want to confuse you with any technical term to explain you blogging. In simple words: blogging is nothing but creating a website where you share your knowledge, experience, thoughts, and opinions on a topic. One shall choose a niche based on what one is passionate about. In this niche, one will already be knowing about it and as it is said “Sharing is Caring” they can share it with others. There are many ways to share knowledge - one can write about it, share their views on it, provide solutions to queries in the relation of the same and much more. 

Hence Blogging is not just an act of writing. It is a combination of various activities required to run a blog. These activities include writing the content and publishing it, linking it to related sources and sharing the content to various platforms. To get to know more about how blogging is defined you can check the Wikipedia article.

Blogging as derived from the word “we log” was started as a personal diary and with enhancements, over time it has now become a tool to share knowledge & earn money online and also a marketing tool for businesses. 

what is blogging?

Thinking how sharing knowledge can help earn money through? Let’s consider an example, suppose you have a lot of knowledge in Robotics so you can make a blog on it and share your knowledge about it. Another example is this blog “Bloggingmantras” where I am teaching you about blogging. Now for earning money with it, you can use ad networks such as Adsense and affiliates related to the niche. Also, one can build up a course in a specific niche and earn by selling it.

what is blogging- marketing

Blogging has also been very helpful in the marketing of products such as books, software, gadgets etc. They can also promote their services such as web developments, SEO, SMM, Cleaning services, painting and much more and even promote local business. One can also go into affiliate marketing in case they don’t have any product of their own, by marketing for big companies like Amazon. Nowadays Business owners use it as an inbound marketing strategy and have achieved growth in their sales /leads by the same. Along with that they have been able to build direct relationships with customers/clients which also is beneficial for customers. This helps the brand get exposure and visibility which further increases brand awareness thus increasing its authority on the web. 

So what you are waiting for? Choose a niche, check the steps to make a website and start blogging. Also, monetize your blog with ads networks such as Adsense and affiliate networks that are related to your chosen niche and start making money with blogging.